Lawn Aeration in Denver, CO

The city of Denver, CO has recently adopted a new “lawn aeration” ordinance. This might seem like a small point but it does mean that even the most basic of houseplants will have to be aerated to keep from dying of water loss.

Why is lawn aeration so important? It’s because grass can easily be damaged by too much nitrogen and other nutrients. Once the plant starts to die, then the grass isn’t going to look its best.

You’ll have to aerate your lawn if you live in a water-logged area. Before, you could make do with basic fertilization but with the emergence of the Denver “aeration” ordinance, that’s no longer the case.

It’s hard to believe that lawn aeration is so easy to do, but the first step is for you to remove the leaves and any twigs from your lawn. Then, take the leaves and place them in a large trash bag or in a large plastic bag. Next, take your shovel and rake your yard so that all the leaves are exposed.

Drill a hole into your soil with a wind chisel or a nail. Insert a hose pipe into the hole and run it into the ground. Add your hose and hose line into the water for your lawn aerator and tap the hose.

Water the lawn with an open house from about six inches away. An open house is designed to allow the water to flow without stopping in front of the nozzle. Fill up your aerator and attach the air pump to its right end.

When the air pump is on, the hose nozzle will start to spin. As this happens, the aerator will suck up the water. That water will be the nitrogen you need for your lawn.

All the while, the aerator will be sucking the water out of the soil at a great rate. Your garden hose will eventually become choked with the water. You may think the water has dried up. Wrong!

As the aerator sucks up the water, the water will continue to flow out of the hose nozzle. When the water reaches the aerator nozzle, all that’s left is the water in the hose.

Another trick to aerating your lawn is to use your aerator as a strainer. A strainer will let the water go out through the strainer. You don’t want this water falling on your lawn, but it will prevent the nitrogen from seeping into the soil where it can be detrimental to your plants.

Before you go out and buy a fancy aerator, you should have the basics down. Things like a watering can, the hose and a soil strainer will get you started in your quest for lawn aeration.

Find some help from someone who has been there before so that you can learn from their mistakes. Then, the secret to lawn aeration Denver will be yours.