To help you have the best road journey, we help you with the best tips that will help you have a comfortable and a relaxing road journey.Staying entertained when travelling is a must and when you are driving you need something that willentertain you. Whenyou are bored,you feel tired and when you are tired you lose out the whole charm of travelling.Wesuggestyou try some music, downloadsome books and listen to them or play some car gamesto keep boredomaway.Youhave enough options thesedays to stream live musicon your iPod. Also,carry some CDs in case you do not get connectivity everywhere.Youcould spend some time to make a music CD,but be careful to includethetasteof you co-passengersas wellwhen you selectthe music. Youcould also comeup with someentertaining games that you canplaywhen driving that will keep you alertand let you get rid of boredom.

We have a host of such tips andactivities on our website which you canreferand take cues from.If youare takingkids alongwith you, then be prepared that kids get boredveryfast and they can actually drive you crazy.Thebooks,toys,and videos thatyou may havecarried willengage them for very little time. Makea list and be prepared with ahost ofactivities to engage them all throughthe journey. It can be tough but it is goodto be prepared beforehand.

You could take some instructionsand give them a pencil andpaper. Thiswill let them sit down forsome time,drawing or writing or they may eventuallyform some games of theirown. Also,preparefood for your kids that are lessmessy. Itmay be difficult to cleanthem up on and often when on the run. Make sure that you storesufficientsnacks and give themenough optionsto pick up from.However,try to stock some healthy snack so that they do not eat loads of junk.

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